Rough justice

It is well known the world over that Greece’s ability to uphold the law rates poorly.

Law-abiding citizens find themselves in the position to be able to confirm this fact on a daily basis, be it on the street, in public spaces, in court and in transactions with the state or private parties.

The country’s failure to adequately uphold the law has now been confirmed by The World Justice Project (WJP).

According to the annual report published by the international organization, Greece’s overall ability to uphold the law was ranked 22nd out of 24 countries in the EU/EFTA/North America region.

The same report also puts Greece 41st out of 113 countries and jurisdictions under review around the globe.

Unfortunately, the worse part is that it takes a very long time for mentalities and procedures to change.

That is especially true in cases when what is also lacking is the necessary political will.