Modesty and humility

Our new prime minister has vowed to govern with «modesty and humility» – that is, with qualities neglected by those in power up until now. Indeed, for so many years, the «mutated» version of the old PASOK wielded a model of governance which made it very difficult for anyone to retain any modesty or humility. Indeed, we grew accustomed to seeing politicians appearing on television or at exclusive restaurants, hobnobbing with rich celebrities and featured in lifestyle magazines. How can a politician who reveals his private life to all, who allows himself to be photographed in his luxury home with his spouse, be considered modest or humble? In what other European country are ministers, deputies, even party officials regarded as B-class celebrities? Where else can we see this bizarre, and dangerous, interrelation between politicians and the media? How modest and humble can a politician involved in this network possibly be? It would be a good start to see an end to the interminable ramblings of politicians on television. And it would be nice if the new generation of politicians could avoid posing for glossy magazines and generally acting like movie starlets. Let them be the ones who promote modesty and humility through their public image. Let them show us that they are not power-crazy cranks but simple citizens who happen to have been entrusted with lofty duties… And let them be promoted, and judged, according to their achievements…

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