Vandals allowed to run rampant

The relentless and peculiar guerrilla war being waged by the anonymous hooded troublemakers against the establishment and public property is continuing without any signs of abating, with the vandals turning their wrath onto buses, trolley buses, metro stations and ticket machines.

Their action is no longer contained within the environs of the old Polytechnic in downtown Exarchia, as on Wednesday it extended to a bus depot near the university campus in Zografou, eastern Athens, where lawlessness is on the rise, according to some students.

These are dangerous phenomena, especially when viewed as a whole, yet the authorities seem to be happy to stand by, restricting their response to press releases in which they condemn the acts. The excuse they like to use is that they’re reluctant to enter university grounds, which until not so long ago were protected from police intervention. This excuse, however, does little more than mask their incompetence and lack of determination.