Mistaken priorities

At a time when the most pressing demands are to create conditions for economic growth and to attract investment to the country, the government – beholden to its ideological hang-ups – continues to expend all its effort and ingenuity on how it will increase its political clientele by making use of the state.

That is why it is flirting with fixed-term contract workers, promising them permanent positions. It also explains why the government is bypassing the Court of Audit for certain payments.

Furthermore, it is the reason behind the delays in privatizations, created by the obstacles repeatedly thrown into their path. This has been evident in the difficulties encountered by the investors trying to complete the projects for the regional airports and the former Athens airport at Elliniko in the city’s southern suburbs.

In this way, the government chooses to serve its petty political needs while ignoring the damage that it is doing to an economy that is sinking further into the mire.