Deeper into the mire

The mixture of economic bankruptcy and political ineptness of the kind displayed by Greece’s leftist-led coalition government is pulling the country in the direction of the third world.

Incidents that would otherwise appear extreme or dangerous have become the norm. Vulgar political behavior, outbursts of violence and anarchy, the paralysis of the state apparatus, the dismantling of public hospitals, the tarnishing of institutions and a plethora of other signs of degeneration should be a wake-up call for Greek society.

The actual problems run deeper than the failure to wrap up the ongoing bailout review. Meanwhile, the damage is increasing by the day.

We have not realized that the combination of the above problems and society’s widespread (and largely justified) disappointment create a very dangerous mix.

What the country needs is a national alliance with vision and courage to pull Greece out of the misery. Forging such a patriotic front will not be easy. But we should always keep in mind that the biggest political projects were born in hard times.