Investment obsessions

The privatization of the port of Piraeus was one of several major investment projects in Greece that was fiercely battled by opponents.

Nevertheless, the project went ahead and today the country's biggest port is bringing in much-needed revenues and creating jobs. Yet the naysayers do not seem to have learned their lesson from this example and they don’t appear to have drawn any conclusions.

Another major investment, the sale of the former airport at Elliniko on Athens’s southern coast, has been up in the air for years, ensnarled in red tape and opposed by different groups harboring all sorts of outdated obsessions.

The government, from the prime minister on down, claims to be keen to see this project go ahead, but it seems unable to get the message through to the officials at the various ministries and state services who have their own agenda and who are stuck back in the days when ruling SYRIZA was polling at 4 percent.