EU, still the safest haven

As recent political developments demonstrate, Europe is facing big existential challenges.

The forces which are pulling the 28-member bloc apart are growing stronger and stronger. The trends of populism and isolationism are on the rise, although, as manifested in the recent Dutch elections – where the electorate denied the bid by the Party for Freedom (PVV) of “the Dutch Trump,” Geert Wilders, to become the biggest party in parliament – their prevalence should not be treated as an inevitable fact.

A significant part of the Greek public has lost its confidence in the European project. This comes as little surprise given the fact that the country is already in the eighth year of an unprecedented financial crisis.

Despair often results in major historical mistakes. This is something that we need to avoid. Great as the uncertainty about the future of the European Union may be, it still remains the safest haven for a country like Greece.