Fewer words, more deeds

Growth is not something that just happens to an economy – it requires fertile ideas, keen businesspeople and, perhaps more than anything else, investment. The sad truth, however, is that despite the frequent assurances made by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and a handful of his cabinet officials, the leftist-led coalition government is hostile to entrepreneurs and to all investments, particularly foreign ones.

Most of the state’s services and a good part of the justice system are also taking part in this war and halting any possible progress in its tracks.

The saddest thing about the situation is that there is investor interest in Greece, especially now that it appears the country will be able to enter a phase of some kind of normalcy following the agreement with international creditors.

Values in Greece have dropped significantly and there are a lot of great opportunities for Greek and foreign investors here.

But if the government really wants to see fresh money injected into the economy, it needs to turn its words into deeds.