Irresponsible reaction

The government’s reaction to the appeal made in a letter from 471 university students to put an end to the rampant criminality on campus grounds was, to say the least, irresponsible and downright provocative.

Parties of the opposition have long accused the leftist-led coalition of tolerating and turning a blind eye to the lawlessness that has prevailed at Greek universities over the years. This is nothing short of an affront to hardworking Greek citizens who struggle to scrape together the savings needed to ensure their children get a proper university education.

It goes without saying that the minimum they expect is safe, secure, clean and dignified institutions of higher education. They demand nothing more and nothing less. Like most of their counterparts in Europe, young people aspire for an education to enter the workforce as soon as possible.

Those that ignore, or even act to uphold this ugly state of affairs and utter lawlessness, in the name of supposedly democratic principles, are an affront to decency and Greek society at large.