Thoughtless and irresponsible

True to form, 10 million Greeks already have strong views on the Annan peace plan. Whether for or against, Greeks back their opinion in a passionate and absolute fashion. The only undecided people are the diplomats who have for decades dealt with the Cyprus issue. The latter are still scrutinizing the plan’s 10,000 pages in order to weigh its advantages and disadvantages and to assess the long-term consequences of a «yes» or a «no.» Some people reject the plan outright because they want to see a purely Greek Cyprus. Others are wholly in favor of the plan so as to «finally get the Cyprus issue over with.» Both groups should avoid taking a public stand, for the criteria on which they base their opinion either bypass or ignore the problem. But there is still a third category of people: those who made up their mind after an in-depth study of the proposal. But could these people possibly have a detailed knowledge of such a complex issue as to have a strong opinion? Moreover, why have Greeks rushed to express a view on an issue which is primarily of concern to the Cypriot people? Besides, it is the Cypriots who will have to decide and suffer the consequences of their decision. To be sure, the Greek political leadership must take a clear and responsible stand ahead of the April 24 referendum. But this opinion must be expressed through official lips and be binding for all political parties. Isolated political voices are thoughtless and irresponsible. Such condemnation is neither heavy nor unfair. When all political parties are weighing their responsibilities before reaching a decision, there are no other words to describe those who are competing for television sound bites on the question.

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