Blase approach to blame

The current government has a nasty habit of being far to blase when it comes to urgent issues. We see it in matters related to the economy, with ministers wasting time when large investments need to be approved, while some others appear completely indifferent. Their attitude appears to be the same when it comes to emergency situations, during times when the state needs to act quickly.

This has become obvious to us with the oil spill in the Saronic Gulf, which has already reached disaster proportions for those who depend on the sea for their livelihoods, be they fishermen or the owners of facilities that cater to beachgoers. Not to mention the extreme environmental toll it’s taken over a very wide area. The government has displayed a serious lack of coordination in all this.

There also appears to be an absence of fear as regards the consequences. When people realize they will retain their positions no matter how many big mistakes they make, then it is only logical that laxity becomes an acceptable form of governance.