Moving beyond just promises

The government appears ready to take the necessary steps for the resumption two major – or emblematic, as they could be described – investment projects that have been mired in red tape.

Restarting these two schemes – one involving the redevelopment of Athens’s former airport at Elliniko on the capital’s southern coast, and the other gold mining in Halkidiki, northern Greece – is a good move. It would be very beneficial for the whole country if these latest efforts to get these projects moving prove successful.

So far, there have been a lot of broken promises as far as Elliniko and the Halkidiki mines are concerned. The most important thing at this point, though, is that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has not taken decisiveness action against all those who created the obstacles that have hampered the projects. Also, he does not have a capable coordination team at his office to oversee these investments.

If this does not change, the new promises will remain just that: promises.