Silence is golden

In Greece, political stars frequently rise on the morning TV talk show circuit. This is often how many members of the public become familiar with them. Many of these same people then begin to believe what these personalities say and end up voting for them come election time. Rarely do they actually take the time to find out whether or not these politicos have ever held a real job.

However, when the successful second-rate masters of TV ops end up in a position of responsibility, things get tough and their fecklessness starts to show.

When a crisis erupts, a recent example being the oil spill disaster in the Saronic Gulf, their inadequacy is even more obvious. To make matters worse, they believe they can preside over the management of a crisis by hopping from TV studio to TV studio, from one talk show to another as if this is what they are paid for by Greek taxpayers to do.

This is a tragedy and a comedy rolled into one. So the best thing that they could do for all of us is to just be quiet.