A recipe for failure

Greece is in the process of changing but the forces who fight so vehemently against any type of progress, who want to maintain an unsustainable status quo, are anything but happy about it.

Among these die-hard forces are those who would prefer to see the site of Athens’s former airport at Elliniko neglected and dirty rather than show some flexibility in their fixations and make way for its privatization and development. They are trying to push the country into taking steps back in an area that has changed for the better and has also helped tourism.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has spoken a lot about investments and growth in recent months, but the fact is that he is either afraid of these reactionary forces within the ranks of his government or is willing to side with them for the sake of a few hundred votes.

Whichever way the prime minister is thinking, he is going about this business in precisely the right way to have his narrative about Greece turning a page blow up in his face.