Fed up, and rightly so

The fatigue that Greek businesses and individuals are feeling as a result of the immense tax burden that has been placed on their shoulders in recent years is clearly visible. Everyone is feeling it down to their very bones. 

The government, though, is not interested in this development because it believes that it is not relevant to its voters and the patron-client relationship it has developed with some Greeks. 

However, the Greeks who are productive and work hard cannot take this situation any longer.

They are enraged by the appointments to the public administration as well as what they see in government expenditure.

These trends have continued in the public sector without even a hint of meritocracy having been introduced to the government’s practices.

As a result of all this, many believe that all their toil and sweat is a waste of time because whatever they earn ends up in a black hole.

They are completely justified in feeling this way.