Right to strike democratically

The angry reaction to the amendment submitted on Monday by the government, which would have increased the quorum needed for a first-degree labor union to call a strike from one-third to more than 50 percent, emanates from two sources. 

The first is the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), which has exhibited its opposition to the move as a matter of principle. The other source is the type of unionism that feeds off the state. 

The second group is always on the lookout for reasons to strike. Even when it has nothing to do with them, such as in the case amendment that was swiftly withdrawn by the government, these unionists have learned to automatically and irresponsibly turn to the last line of defense that workers have, using any excuse they can find.

The right to strike must be respected but it is absolutely democratic and logical for this decision to be taken by the majority of workers, especially considering that it involved economic sacrifices on their part.