Self-styled vigilantes

The views of the minister in question, and the entire coalition government for that matter, regarding public order in this country are a complete mystery. In fact, the only thing we can be sure about is that the views they hold are extremely peculiar. 

This is evident from the impunity with which a group of anarchists, who have taken it upon themselves to fulfill the role of vigilantes, are able to systematically break so many laws recorded in the civil and penal codes. 

This is the process that we saw in action when members of this particular group were able to threaten a notary and destroy her offices in downtown Athens on Thursday without being challenged.

They carried out the attack because they wanted to indiscriminately prevent debtors’ assets from being put up for auction.

Unless, of course, the norms and laws that apply in this country have changed and the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government has forgotten to inform the rest of us.