Forging a common front

Recent events commemorating the Holocaust should make us think about the recent re-emergence of anti-Semitism in Greece as well as the rest of Europe. 

The phenomenon is in full swing and must be dealt with effectively. 

It’s one thing to criticize the policies of the modern state of Israel toward the Palestinians and another entirely to foolishly reproduce stereotypes and groundless conspiracy theories. 

These are totally different things. 

Conspiracy theories about the Jews are deep-rooted in many countries and tend to thrive in times of crisis and when societies are put to the test. 

Scapegoating others is commonplace and the Jews, in particular, have borne the brunt of this throughout their long history. 

That’s why proper arguments must be presented to dismiss these dangerous myths that have led in the past to horrific events. 

It is also incumbent on all the responsible forces in the country to join forces toward dismantling these outlandish theories.