May 22, 1954

GREECE-ITALY: The following announcement was issued by the prime minister’s Political Bureau yesterday: «On May 20, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos received the Italian charge d’affaires and categorically reiterated to him the declaration that the Greek government has never taken, nor has any desire to take, any position in favor of either side on the question of Trieste (which is being claimed by Yugoslavia). The only desire on the part of the Greek government and of its prime minister, as he has repeatedly stated, is for this thorny problem to be resolved as soon as possible for the general good. Recent press reports that Field Marshal Papagos had referred to the Italian claims to Trieste do not reflect his views nor the policy of the Greek government regarding Italy. BOOKS: New books: «The Theater in Smyrna,» by Christos S. Solomonidis, Athens, 1954. PSATHAS: At the Samartzi Theater, the Fotopoulos-Iliopoulos Company, Anna Synodinou and Dimitris Psathas star in «Little Pharisees,» a comedy directed by Pelos Katselis with sets by N. Zografou.