A critical fall

There are just 10 days to go until the European elections but no one seems to be remotely interested in them – not even the political parties, which are doing the very minimum required in the countdown to the polls. A few posters have gone up and some televised discussions taken place before the final big debate – and that’s about it. Despite the fact that the poll results could be critical for PASOK’s future – and subsequently for New Democracy’s political predominance – it seems that both parties have put off another confrontation until later. The fall – especially October and November – is expected to be the time for critical political decisions and developments. The government, by then finally relieved of the pressure of the Olympics, will be able to channel its energies into taking key steps in crucial areas – such as the economy. The trade fair in Thessaloniki, the preparation of the new budget, and the final conclusions of the European Union’s report will form the basis of the government’s choices. New tax laws and more effective management of public finances will help. But this will not be enough to kick-start the economy. All these efforts must be combined with the fight against corruption – with the implementation of new transparency laws, and through the ongoing legal investigations and initiatives being undertaken by various ministries.