June 8, 1954

SIMON KARAS: (From a music review by Minos Dounias): «(…) The Association for the Dissemination of National Music, headed by its founder Simon Karas, invited us, as it does every year, on May 29 to a commemoration of the Fall of Constantinople with songs from the four corners of the Great (Byzantine) Empire resounding once more in a moving ritual. (…) The list of valuable musical instruments and the voices that took part in the celebration is too long to include here separately, as I would like. To these exceptional musicians, and particularly to their leader, Simon Karas, that inspired person, we all owe a debt of love and admiration. Do we not have a duty to give this person the opportunity and the means to play for a larger audience if, as we so often declare, we truly believe in the sanctity of our national traditions?» NEW BOOKS: «The Mysteries of Cephalonia,» by Andreas Laskaratos, Maris Publications, Athens 1954; «The Return of Christ,» poems by N.D. Karouzos, Athens 1954; «A Stranger’s Knees,» poems by D. Christianopoulos, Thessaloniki 1954.