June 9, 1954

EPON: Leaflets from the (leftist youth group) EPON making accusations against (visiting Yugoslav leader) Field Marshal Josip Broz Tito have been found scattered around different parts of the city. The proclamations were collected by the police. ARRESTS AHEAD OF TITO’S VISIT: Prior to the visit by Field Marshal Tito, Athens General Security had made a number of preventive arrests of Communists suspected of preparing to make speeches or other forms of demonstration against the Yugoslav president or even an attempt on his life. These arrests, of which there were many hundreds, took place legally and by order of the Security Commission, and the communists were exiled for one month to the island of Aghios Efstratios. They were then taken to Irakleion and Spata, but on the afternoon of Sunday, June 6, they were moved in groups to the General Security Headquarters. From there, each case was examined individually, and if the detainees were not charged with any recent illegal communist activity, or with any other crimes, they were released and their exile order rescinded.