June 10, 1954

TRIPARTITE: During yesterday’s Greek-Turkish summit at the Foreign Ministry, a complete agreement of views was ascertained with regard to converting the Tripartite Balkan Pact of Ankara into a military alliance. This was confirmed to the press by both Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes and Greek Foreign Minister Stephanos Stephanopoulos. SOTIRIOS BRISKAS: Paris, 9 (From our correspondent S. Theodorou) – The Greeks of France are mourning the tragic loss of the distinguished scientist and professor of medicine and psychiatry at Paris University Sotirios Briskas, who was killed in an automobile accident near Lille. Also in the car were Dr Polonovsky, also a professor at Paris University, and his wife, who were also killed. (…) Briskas had devoted much of his life and work to children, whom he literally adored. The great Greek scientist was deeply respected by the French and other foreign scientists and in 1939 had been elected visiting professor at Paris University, being the sole head of the administrative department of the Paris Children’s Hospital, where he provided free hospitalization and care to the children of the Greek community.