June 12, 1954

ONASSIS: The British Chamber of the Merchant Marine has officially protested to the British Transport Ministry over an agreement reached between the Saudi Arabian government and the Argentinean shipowner of Greek origin Mr Aristotle Onassis giving Onassis exclusive rights to transport all petroleum exported from Saudi Arabia, apart from that which has been undertaken by the US-Arab firm Aramco. It was announced that the British minister, Mr Lennox Boyd, had given the protest favorable notice. (…) According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Onassis said that British press reports regarding the accord were exaggerated and erroneous. According to Onassis, the total amount his ships will be transporting from Saudi Arabia will not be more than 500,000 tons annually, whereas the country’s total annual exports amount to 40 million tons. MISSILE FACTORY: In the presence of King Pavlos, the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, and members of the Cabinet, the US Ambassador Cavendish Cannon, the leader of the US military mission, General Quinn, and other officials, a new missile factory was opened yesterday on Hymettus, owned by Mr Bodosakis-Athanassiadis.