June 17, 1954

EXECUTIONS: Hania, 17 – At 6 a.m. today, the Greek communist spy Theofilos Theodorou Kiziridis was executed by firing squad in Iraklion. He had been sentenced to death for espionage by a military appeals court in Athens. THE SELECT: At the Hotel Amphitrion in Nafplion every weekend, one can meet select members of Athenian society, as well as foreigners, enjoying the cool breezes and the joys of the civilized countryside. Among the crowd we noticed the chief courtier and Mrs D. Levidis, Mr and Mrs Constantine Tsaldaris, Danish Ambassador Mr H. Golberg, French Welfare Minister Mr Schneider, Foreign Minister Mr Stefanos Stefanopoulos, former US Ambassador in Athens Mr McVeigh, Canadian Public Works Minister Mr Brobert Quinter and others. HOMELESS REFUGEES: An ad hoc general meeting of the members of the federation of homeless refugees has been held in Kallithea. JOUR FIXE: Tonight there will be a «jour fixe» dance at the Equestrian Club. UNEMPLOYMENT: Patras, 17 – About 250 textile workers at the Anastassopoulou factory, which closed down 20 days ago, have appealed to be included in the unemployment fund.