June 21, 1954

VRETTAKOS: New books: «To Robert Oppenheimer,» by Nikiforos Vrettakos, Athens 1954. EUROPEANS: (From «An Athenian’s Notes:» «I have recently been reading a history of South America and I am plagued by a single thought: How many crimes have been committed in the name of civilization? The destruction, for example, of the Aztecs in Mexico is one of the most dishonorable acts in history. A noble and civilized nation welcomed the ships of Europe believing they carried gods. These «gods» robbed, pillaged, looted, raped and annihilated that nation and shed rivers of blood in order to gain a few gold ingots. PROTECTION OF WORKING DONKEYS: The Animal Welfare Society has announced that by a court order (11103/54), Mr Nikolaos Vrettos has been fined 400 metal drachmas for loading his donkey with 96 kilos, far more than the permitted amount of 76.8 kilos. DREAM STREETS: During the continuing census of refugee settlements, 683 wooden and permanent shacks were counted at Nea Sfageia, and at Asyrmata there were another 614 shacks. The average size of these homes was between 1.6 and 6 square meters.