June 16, 1954

GREECE, TURKEY AND THE AMERICANS: (From an editorial in Kathimerini titled «The Americans here») «Turkey, which has totally ignored the advice and recommendations of the American mission, has sent away the representatives of the World Bank, to which it happens to be indebted, having only recently received from it a loan. So what do the Americans want from Greece and for Greece? The question requires an answer, for the economic tutelage of the Americans here is a spoke in our wheel. This is a decisive time in which Greece is confronting its destiny. It will not be lacking in courage if it is forced to face that destiny on its own.» CEPHALONIA: The Association of Friends of Cephalonia, headed by General Christodoulos Tsigante, has issued a well-documented study with a wealth of information on the problems created by the destruction of Cephalonia by the earthquake. PATISSIA: Following the sealing of the end of Patission Street, the extension of the trolley bus line from Koliatsou Square to the end of Patission Street has been started.