June 28, 1954

LIBERAL PARTY CONGRESS: The Liberal Party congress began at 10 a.m. yesterday (June 24) at the Kentrikon Theater. Speakers were: SOPHOCLES VENIZELOS: «I launch an appeal to all present, united as one, to pull your weight behind the new leader of the party, Mr George Papandreou.» GEORGE PAPANDREOU: «The Liberal Party is democratic in the political, economic and social democratic sense, which is valid in both a monarchy and (a republic). (…) Today the monarchy of Pavlos and Frederika, with their royal simplicity, their complete respect for the principles of democratic government, and their warm love for the country and people, have the support of all Greeks. (…) The Liberal Party defends the nation against communism, the people against the economic oligarchy, and democracy against everything else.» CONSTANTINE MITSOTAKIS: Mr Mitsotakis spoke about the growth of agricultural production. STAVROS KOSTOPOULOS: A speech by Mr Kostopoulos, who could not attend due to an accident, was read out. Mr Kostopoulos expounded the party’s position regarding basic aspects of the country’s economic and social problem.