June 29, 1954

GEORGE PAPANDREOU: The sessions of the Liberal Party concluded on Sunday (June 27). The party leader, Mr George Papandreou, made a speech summing up the party’s platform, saying that the Liberal Party was a national and democratic party which aimed at restoring political freedom and social justice. As as far as foreign policy was concerned, the party aligned itself with the bloc of free nations, and was in favor of fulfilling its obligations, with its allies, in maintaining a strong army, but only as far as the country’s economy would allow. Papandreou said the party advocated heightened vigilance against organized communism and the imposition of the rule of law, but with an effort to rehabilitate those who had been led astray, by implementing a courageous policy of national security and the protection of personal freedom. In the economic sector, the party would attempt to increase the national income and achieve a just distribution by means of a reformist social policy to improve conditions for low-income groups. Mr Papandreou described a series of measures (…) for improving conditions for farmers, workers, manufacturers and other classes. (…). He also proposed various measures for the education sector.