July 2, 1954

COLLABORATORS AND WORKERS: (From a travel piece by K.A.S. – probably Vassilis Spanopoulos – titled «Munich»): «There are many Greeks in Munich, some from the good old days, some more recently arrived, mostly students and others from the war years. The latter are mostly collaborators and workers who stayed on in Germany and who have gone astray, causing continual trouble to police. GREECE AND THE USA: An official has confirmed a report that a reply has not yet been received from the NATO leader to a report submitted by the Greek military leadership on the new structure of the land army, based on a memorandum from Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos. The report claims that the country’s financial capabilities do now allow for maintaining more than 75,000 men under arms. On the other hand, the American experts are standing by their original view that the land army should stay at its current level of 105,000 men after the latest batch of conscripts are released from duty. The Greek government would accept this view only if the cost of keeping any numbers above 75,000 did not burden the Greek state budget.