A living example to us all

As a second-generation Greek (Australian born) and living in Sydney I have always been frustrated with the general attitude of Greeks both in Greece and abroad. In your article titled «A Lesson for Us All,» you refer to the Greek character as having «… outbursts of vanity and petty official pretenses. ..» This is something that unfortunately occurs here in Australia as well. Greek sporting or social groups that fail to achieve and grow because of petty infighting and self-interests where organizations are run with lack of professionalism are more common than not (at least from my own experience). The need for professionalism in the way organizations are run is a must, no matter the circumstance. I have not been a general follower of the Greek national football team and prefer to follow the Germans for the exact reasons the Greeks have triumphed this time around. Your articles «A Lesson for us All» and «The Latest Miracle» perfectly describe the current environment that Greece finds itself in. I would like to build on your sentiment by adding that a nation which finds itself in one of the most important positions of political geography, probably more than any other time in modern history, needs to look beyond its own individualistic priorities and build itself a modern, efficient and effective system for living. One that takes Greek attitudes toward family first and living for enjoyment and incorporates the efficient systems or northern Europe. Life in general in western societies is becoming more competitive and less family-friendly and I believe the Greeks can offer an alternative; the experience of King Otto and his team is a living example to us all. I love my native country of Australia and one of the main reasons is the general politeness and effectiveness of its people. Generally the past is left behind where it belongs and the priorities of daily life are the main ones. There is respect for authority, but this is balanced by a cynical view where we like to «… keep the bastards honest.» As an adult I have reserved my patriotism for Greece because I could not respect its present state of existence. Obviously its past (not just ancient history) is a source of great pride and one which I am sharing with my young children. These last weeks have opened up my reservations slightly and I hope and pray that they can be completely removed. Who knows, I may even decide to emigrate to Greece for good. Keep up the honest dialogue with your articles and I will be watching more closely than ever before hoping that Greece can build on this wonderful time especially as the Athens Olympic Games are upon us. Pericles Kougias, Sydney.