July 8, 1954

GERMANY THE WORLD CHAMPION: At the world soccer championship final between Germany and Hungary, Germany defeated its opponent by 3-2 (2-2), winning the World Cup. The Hungarian team, considered the favorite as it had not been beaten for four years, was continually on the attack for most of the game, particularly in the second half, led by its captain Ferenc Puskas, but did not manage to defeat the dynamic German team which struggled with determination and launched dangerous counterattacks. (…) Six minutes before the end, Helmut Rann scored the third German goal. The Hungarians returned it but it was disqualified as being off-side. Germany’s victory marked the great progress German soccer has made since the war. (…) Over 60,000 people watched the game. (…) The Hungarian team leader said the Germans were very good in the final match, but it should be understood that the result was a great misfortune for the Hungarian side, which should have been declared the world champion it is in reality. (…) Chancellor Konrad Adenauer sent a congratulatory telegram to the winners. Federal President Theodor Heuss said he wanted to present the team with a silver olive wreath.