July 10, 1954

EXISTENTIALISTS OUTLAWED: An Athens court issued a ruling yesterday approving a request by the prefect of Attica, based on a proposal by Athens General Security, ordering the dissolution of the «Diogenes National Association of Greece Existentialists.» The argument given to support the ruling was extensive and mentions the fact that the group, founded in 1953, refers in its charter to its stated aims as being a) the study of contemporary philosophical trends, b) the study of new artistic trends and c) the attempt to emancipate the individual through further education. To further their goals, according to the ruling, the existentialists held parties at their headquarters at 29 Sarri Street attended by high school pupils. At these gatherings, members of the board exhorted the participants to engage in free love, hedonism and generally a denial of morality. Improper pictures, slogans and poems were used to illustrate these ideas. Youths aged 16-20 were subjected to the destructive effects of these teachings and were corrupted in body and soul, to the detriment of themselves, their families and the State.