July 12, 1954

STREET TYPES: (From «An Athenian’s Notes»): «One of the most charming sights on Athens’s streets is the fellow with a comb in the back pocket of his trousers. Barefoot, with trousers torn below the knees and a shirt that was once white, his hair is slicked back with brilliantine and carefully combed. If a hair happens to fall out of place, he whips out his comb to restore order. His concern for appearances among such wretchedness is a moving sight, since it reveals a confidence that the wretchedness is a passing phase and that better days are to come. These types are nothing if not optimistic.» IERONYMOS: Pamphlets. Archimandrite Ieronymos Kotsonis: «The Clerics’ Vote.» From the magazine «Rays,» Volume 150, June 1954. ICE-SELLERS: (From a commentary in Kathimerini): «Five ice-sellers were sentenced to 10 days’ imprisonment each for concealing ice or selling it at excessive prices. We presume that the law cannot impose higher sentences. This means that 10 days can easily be bought off for a few drachmas, and the culprits can return to their profitable business activities without too much trouble.»