July 13, 1954

AMERICAN ECONOMIC AID: (From an editorial in Kathimerini): «(…) We are not ungrateful, nor is it possible to ignore the enormous contribution American economic aid has made to restoring the health of the national economy, as well as the economic stability spoken about yesterday at the Defense Academy by the Deputy Head of the American Economic Mission in Greece Mr Russell Drake. However, I think it is unjust to say that Greece received about $1,000 million in economic aid over a period of seven years, when for about three years this country had fought for Korea within its borders and resisted the first major attack by Cominform without any assistance from the UN. Nor do we see how US aid during the three years of the war against the outlaws and the two years that followed could be seen as reconstruction aid, when the assistance was purely military. BULGARIAN COMPENSATION: Paris, 10 – The Bulgarians have made fresh claims against Greece, asking for the cancellation of war reparations, exchanging the value of tobacco abandoned during the liberation of 1944 for buildings and other projects built by the Bulgarian occupation forces on Greek territory.