July 6 – 12, 1954

RIKA DIALYNA: Washington, 10 – Five US congressmen lodged a protest with the State Department yesterday regarding a ban on the entry to the US of Miss Star Hellas Rika Dialyna who was to take part in the Miss World 1954 contest in Long Beach, California, on July 25. The US Embassy in Athens told Miss Dialyna yesterday that they could not give her a visa for the US by law, as the embassy did not have enough time to check her political convictions. (Ed. note: Miss Dialyna eventually was allowed to travel to the US). THE REASON: New York, 12 – Miss Rika Dialyna was not given permission to enter the US because while studying at the School of Fine Arts she had designed the cover of a communist book. ‘HIPPOLYTUS:’ From a report on the first theater performance in Ancient Epidaurus, signed by G.K.V). «It is estimated that about 10,000 Greek and foreign visitors watched the performance of ‘Hippolytus’ at the ancient amphitheater of Epidaurus last Sunday evening, with Mr Alekos Alexandrakis in the role of Hippolytus. About 150 buses and trucks were made available to transport the audience, as well as two steamships. About 600 private cars made the journey.