Investment in Olympic security is easing fears

I read the article in Kathimerini «Athens sees no hitch in security» (July 5) with interest. I almost backed out of my planned trip to Athens for the Olympics before my last payment was due, over concerns about terrorism. In fact I sent the letter of cancellation to my travel agency – then changed my mind. The main reason I changed my mind is because of the huge amount of money being spent on security. If Athens is doing that for us, the least I can do is continue with my plans. I’m an Olympics junkie, and what better Olympics to attend than the one held in the birthplace of the Games! I hope Athens is protecting hotels where American and European fans are staying, as well as protecting the athletes. I do have concerns about a car or truck loaded with bombing material being parked next to a hotel full of Americans or Europeans, as well as concerns about the safety of the trains heading for the venues. But I’m going, and trusting that Athens really is on top of security. I keep seeing the articles of alarm in the American news. And I keep ignoring it. I’ll see you in Athens! MARGARET MIKSCH – Helena, MT, USA