July 22, 1954

KARAMANLIS’S PUBLIC WORKS: Agrinion, 17 – The ministers for public works (Mr Karamanlis), coordination (Mr Kapsalis), Agriculture (Mr Levantis), the interior (Mr Nikolitsas), the minister to the prime minister (Mr Rallis), and members of the American mission arrived here today at 1.30 p.m. to attend the inauguration of the irrigation works on the plain of Agrinion, Angelokastro and Paraheloitis. (…) At 5 p.m. Mr Karamanlis laid the foundation stone of the irrigation works at the 18th kilometer of the Agrinion-Amphilochia road. Mr Karamanlis said that the problem for the coming generations would be more serious if the nation’s income was not increased through a broad program of public works. Such an effort, however, required economic resources, technical preparation and universal effort by the whole nation. (…) He then referred to the contribution of the American mission to the investment program and expressed hope that the projects being inaugurated would mark the beginning of a fruitful period for public works. About 20,000 hectares of existing cultivated land will be irrigated by the Acheloos Dam, plus another 25,000 hectares that will become available after the area around the Messolongi lagoon is drained.