July 27, 1954

AMERICAN RESOLUTENESS: London, 26 – American planes today shot down two Chinese fighter aircraft off Hainan. The incident is the latest development after the shooting-down of a British passenger plane on July 23 by the Chinese Communists, with the loss of 18 lives. London appeared seriously concerned over this latest incident but Washington seems to fully endorse the action of the American airmen who, according to reports, found themselves in a defensive situation against a small squadron of Communist fighter planes and a Chinese gunboat which opened fire. None of the American planes sustained any damage. Considering the point which relations between the US and Communist China have reached, it was only natural that American machine-gunners would start firing when they faced the Chinese guns, an American diplomat said. GLEZOS: Piraeus’s deputy public prosecutor, Mr Karapiperis, and the secretary of the prosecuting authority, Mr Fokas, left for the island of Aegina, where they will read out the court ruling granting pardon and ordering the release of (wartime resistance celebrity and prominent left-winger) Emmanuel Glezos, who is being held at the island’s prison.