July 28, 1954

NIKOS KOUNDOUROS: From a review signed R., perhaps by Rosita Sokou): On Tuesday there was an avant-premiere screening at the Espero cinema of the Greek film «Magical City,» which is to represent Greece at this year’s Venice Film Festival. The film was made – and funded – by young people and is in no way similar to the productions we are used to seeing in Greece. From the very first minute it is clear that no compromises have been made in this film. Even the «unsuitable» and often tedious display of provocative dances are clearly shown because, for better or worse, the filmmakers thought they should be, and not for purely commercial reasons. (…) What spoils the film, or rather what detracts from its importance for Greek cinema, is the following: First of all a certain naivete, sometimes intentional but more often the result of a clumsy choice of symbols and – even more serious, because this is mainly the fault of the director – an inability to sacrifice good inspirations. (…) The camera of (Nikos) Koundouras, which he uses brilliantly in observing his wonderful cast, is undoubtedly the real star of the show.