George Gigicos: Bilateral relations will continue to flourish no matter who wins


Obviously, I speak as a private citizen and in no way should my thoughts constitute any official policy. But I believe bilateral relations between the US and Greece will continue to flourish no matter who wins the election. As you know, the last several years have seen the relationship grow to an unprecedented level.

I give much of the credit to our extraordinary ambassador, Geoffrey Pyatt, who in my view is the best diplomat in the foreign service. His people-to-people approach and hands-on diplomacy is largely responsible for the current state of our positive relationship. I also credit Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for creating stability in the Greek government and being a leader with whom the US can effectively work.

I understand tensions are high in the region, but I find it hard to believe that NATO will allow two of its members to get into an all-out war and I believe the EU will also step up. Having said that, from daily invasions of Greek airspace to flooding the border with migrants, to the conversion of Hagia Sofia, to provocative actions in the East Med, Erdogan is clearly the regional "bully." Bullies never win. They never have and they never will.

George Gigicos is an American campaign consultant.