October 5, 1954

GIORGOS THEODOSIADIS: London, 28 – On the occasion of the end of the summer season at the Peranporth Theater, whose performances were presented with such success by Mr G. Theodosiadis, the BBC is to broadcast on its evening Greek language program a special radio interview with the Greek director. The British press, particularly The Stage magazine, has made very flattering comments about the imagination and skill of Mr Theodosiadis. DELAPATRIDIS SUPPORTS PSYCHIATRIC PATIENTS: The leader of the free thinkers, Mr Armandos Delapatridis, in a letter to the welfare minister, Mr Solominidis, has asked that psychiatric patients not be shipped to the island of Makronisos, since according to him there are no such people. So-called psychiatric patients, he said, should be sent to their homes as soon as possible. PAO-APOLLONOS 2-1: Yesterday evening at the stadium on Alexandras Avenue, Panathinaikos beat Apollonos 2-1 in a friendly match before a crowd of 8,000 people. The first to score a goal for PAO was Panakis. Kamaras evened the score from 12 meters, but three minutes before the end Sofianos scored the winning goal.