October 7, 1954

MONTGOMERY: Yesterday morning Viscount Montgomery, Field Marshal of Great Britain, who arrived here the other day, chaired a meeting in which the leaders of the Greek armed forces briefed the deputy leader of the NATO allied forces in Europe on Greece’s decision to reduce the number of its forces to 105,000 men. (…) In the evening the national defense minister, Mr Panayiotis Kanellopoulos, gave an official dinner in honor of the field marshal (…) who said there should be a balance of forces between army, navy and air force and that as a whole they should be within the financial capabilities of each country. GEORGIOS I. RALLIS: Minister to the Prime Minister Georgios I. Rallis yesterday visited the National Radio Foundation (EIR) and told a staff meeting that as a result of a recommendation he had made, the Government Coordinating Council had rejected a proposal from the Telefunken firm to take over the Greek radio. (…) Yesterday afternoon, Mr Rallis announced at a press conference that there was no question of any foreign firm taking control of EIR.