October 8, 1954

GEORGE PAPANDREOU: Opposition circles have reacted harshly to statements made in Drama the other day by the leader of the Liberals, Mr George Papandreou, on the unification of the opposition parties. He said that within the opposition, there were two opposing ideologies, the Center and the fellow travelers (of the Left). The EPEK party observed that «of course a unified ideology among parties is necessary, but the question is what that should be. As for the fellow travelers, EPEK believes that Mr Papandreou was not referring to EPEK, which has never given due cause and whose policies are clearly defined. WAR MUSEUM:A decree by the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, has been sent to the general staffs of the army, navy and air force informing them of a decision to found a war museum to house all the artifacts indicating the development of the means of war and the nation’s fighting forces EXECUTIONS: Thessaloniki, 6 – D. Gesthemmenis and G. Samaras of Perithori, Dramas and A. Tsemalis of Kornofolia, Evros, were executed by firing squad this morning. They had been sentenced to death by a Kavala military court for spying for Bulgaria.