October 9, 1954

PAPAGOS – LE MONDE: Paris, 8 – The first hint from the French regarding the purpose of a visit to Spain by Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, clearly colored by French perceptions and reservations, has been published in the Parisian newspaper Le Monde as a report from Athens. Its correspondent, citing sources in Athens who said the Greek prime minister was going to Madrid to set up a new political front under the aegis of the United Nations and including Germany, Greece, Turkey and Spain, characterized the plan as «nebulous.» He then emphasized that it was not possible for the Greek government to ignore the political reality as determined by commitments the Allies had made to each other, nor Greece’s position in the Atlantic alliance. COINS: The deputy finance minister, Mr Lambros Evtaxias, has ordered the state’s cashiers to release into circulation the new coins valued at 5, 10 and 20 lepta in as large a quantity as possible, as of Monday October 11, 1954. N.D. KAROUZOS: New books: «New Studies,» poems by N.D. Karouzos, Mavridis Publications, Athens, 1954.