October 10, 1954

PAPAGOS AND KKE: Before his departure for Spain, Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos denied that the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) was to be legalized. He was speaking in response to a question from a weekly magazine. PAPAGOS AND EDA: As for the United Democratic Left (EDA), Field Marshal Papagos said it was a «political organization of the extreme left, whose cadres and members could not be considered cadres and members of the KKE. Therefore objectively speaking, EDA could not be completely identified with with the KKE. The fate of EDA will depend on the decisions made by the leadership of international communism, which the KKE leadership is required to abide by without question.» SMALL-TIME CROOKS: The head of the Athens gendarmerie, Brigadier Tsaousis, has called all the department heads in the gendarmerie to a special meeting to decide how to clamp down on various crooks who are roaming the suburbs selling worthless goods to naive people or else pretending to be representatives of real or non-existent religious or philanthropic organizations, and pressing for donations or subscriptions.