October 13, 1954

LIBERALS FOR CYPRUS: London, 13 – The leader of the Liberal Party in the British House of Commons, Clement Davies, speaking to a meeting of students last night, made the following statement: «We want bases in Cyprus so we can control the Middle East, and Greece, if it is given Cyprus, is offering us these bases.(…) We say, give the people of Cyprus the same as what you gave in Sudan, in the Gold Coast and Nigeria, and that is liberalism.» KAZANTZAKIS: At the end of the week the book by Nikos Kazantzakis, «Christ Recrucified,» in an outstanding edition by the newly opened Difros Publications, is to be released. This work by the Greek poet, playwright and novelist has been very successful abroad, translated into the Scandinavian languages, German, Finnish, Dutch, French, English, Italian and others. A dramatized version was a great success at the People’s Theater of Norway. PRISONERS: Thessaloniki, 11 – In the border town of Svilegrad, 27 Greek soldiers who had been taken prisoner by the outlaws were handed over by a Bulgarian delegation to the Greek authorities.