October 14, 1954

MAKARIOS: Archbishop Makarios, Ethnarch of Cyprus, held a press conference yesterday afternoon at the Hotel Grande Bretagne where he made statements on the Cyprus question and replied to questions. The ethnarch emphasized that since the Greek representation to the UN General Assembly, the Cyprus issue is now an international problem. He stressed that the British delegation to the UN had used unfair means to block the issue and that in Great Britain public opinion had begun to favor a just solution for Cyprus. He expressed his disappointment at the stance taken by certain delegations at the UN, which represented nations that had recently gained their freedom, and states that were linked by alliances with Greece, which had abstained from the vote or even voted against the Greek motion. SMALL-TIME CROOKS: The head of the Athens gendarmerie, Brigadier Tsaousis, has called all the department heads in the gendarmerie to a special meeting to decide how to clamp down on various crooks who are roaming the suburbs selling worthless goods to naive people or else pretending to be representatives of real or non-existent religious or philanthropic organizations, and pressing for donations or subscriptions.