October 15, 1954

MAKARIOS: London, 14 – The visit by Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus here is continuing to attract great interest. Throughout the day at his hotel, the Cypriot ethnarch received journalists, photographers and politicians anxious to hear his views. The archbishop clarified statements he recently made in Athens, saying that his criticisms over the handling of the Cyprus issue referred to the previous Greek governments and that he had nothing but praise and gratitude for the energetic way in which the present government under Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos had dealt with the issue. FROZEN CREDITS: The trade minister, Mr Panagis Papaligouras, referring to reports of an increase in the number of frozen credits, said the following: «The report that under the present (Papagos) government frozen credits had increased is incorrect. During September 1952, there were frozen deposits in the National, former Athens, Bank amounting to 378 million drachmas (…).» When told of the above statement, the former coordination minister, Mr Georgios Kartalis, said that there were less than 200 million drachmas frozen at that time.