Same war, other flag

I think Mr Pantelis Boukalas («Dogfighting,» Oct. 5) did hit the nail on the head, despite what one of your readers thought in their letter to the editor. In my opinion there is no difference between Bush and Kerry when it comes down to it. Bush wants to go to war on his own and Kerry wants to do it through the UN. So basically we’re still going to war in Iraq; it’s just under a different flag. I’m sure the Iraqi citizen who is getting a bomb dropped on his head does not care if the F-16 pilot has a UN flag or an American flag on his plane, the end result is the same. America needs a strong third and fourth party; unfortunately the two-party system is a farce to democracy and the debates proved it. And let’s not forget the mess Mr Multilateralist Bill Clinton left Kosovo in; what a success story that turned out to be. TASSOS ANASTASIOU, Boston, MA, USA.